Prepositional Phrase Definition, Types And Easy Examples

Prepositional phrase is a kind of Prepositions. Do you know how to use prepositional phrases? If you don’t’ know so, don’t be sad because, this article will give a clear concept and show more prepositional phrases examples for you.

What is a Prepositional Phrase?

It is a group of words that consisting of its object, and any words that’s modify the object. In fact, when two or more sentence combines is a preposition whose last word is a general preposition that’s called Phrasal Preposition. For examples “On account of”

Besides, prepositions are words that indicate the relationships between more elements within a sentence, and we’ll never have trouble identifying the Prepositional Phrases, for examples “By dint of”.

Examples of Prepositional Phrases

It doesn’t have to be plain, just adding more components to a sandwich dresses, and adding more words like as adverbs or adjectives. These adverbs or an adjective is a good system for spicing up these phrases. As you read the Prepositional phrases examples then you’ll notice that the 1st sentence in every set contains a general phrase.

In the following sentences contain the examples of prepositional phrases. Check and you can read the following phrasal prepositions.


  • We walked up the early in the morning.
  • They related through their grandfather.
  • Ayas read the English book through in one night.
  • I have earned more money After many tries
  • There are no others around the world like you
prepositional phrases
prepositional phrases

Types of prepositional phrases

Basically, there are two types of prepositional phrases adverb phrases and adjective phrases.

  1. Adverb Phrases: An adverb phrase modifiers an adjective, verb, or adverb. It is used to say when, how, where, or to what about the word it modifies.

Adverb prepositional phrase examples:

Basically, Adverb Phrases are describing How, why, where and When. For examples

How: Very carefully

Why: To create the most of it.

Where: Through the looking smile.

When: Tomorrow night.

Adverb Prepositional phrases sentences


  • Meet me at the market after this evening.
  • They must do pray before sunset in the mosque.
  • We have a house right by the sea.
  • Truly inspire, I gave him my answer.
  • She made her decision as soon as possible.


  1. Adjective Phrase: An adjective phrase modifies a pronoun or noun. It is used to come immediately later the noun or pronoun it adjusts.

Adjective prepositional phrase Sentence


  • The Man of the big boat is my Uncle Carol.
  • We have faced problem during class for our English class time.
  • The girl in the Lehenga Dress is my elder sister.
  • The Market across the street is mine.
  • Fur is an effective material to wear in very cold weather.

Prepositional phrase list

See here the Prepositional important phrases list that we use in the difference way.

  1. After college, the student played tag at the field.
  2. Come into the storehouse with me.
  3. I have got a new Computer with a Twenty one inch screen.
  4. The Tiger was killed by the chaser.
  5. I have got it from my grandmother.
  6. After the match will be too late for us to go to lunch.
  7. The phone belongs to me.
  8. I gave the children Burger instead of pancakes for breakfast.
  9. I had a task with my brother.
  10. Do you know that he is along the busy man?
  11. Which pen? The pen on the bedroom floor is besides the pillow.
  12. Tell me the event about the dragon
  13. My uncle’s home besides the Stanford University.
  14. We will order Chinese cake during halftime.
  15. The children in the blue T-shirt is my little brother.
  16. I will meet you after sometimes.
  17. The soldier in the front row of seats is the one i appreciate.
  18. I see my face when I stand in front of the mirror.
  19. The famous person Albert Einstein said that once we accept our limits we go beyond them.
  20. Michael Jordan said that I have had tendonitis since College.

In these all sentence we use in prepositional phrase into the bold words in sentence. If you read for increasing your skills of prepositional phrase so, read the article carefully. I think you will be benefited to read the post.

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