Physical Books vs. Audiobooks: All You need to Know 2

Physical Books vs. Audiobooks: All You need to Know

Reading is a hobby that people have adopted since time immemorial. Ever since the first words were put to paper, people have been clamoring to read them for information, education, entertainment, and much more. Furthermore, it is one of the most relaxing hobbies you can have, and nurtures your mind. Whether you read fiction, non-fiction, or just articles, you are enriching your knowledge database. Therefore, a reading habit is quite a commendable one to have. However, like with all other things, technology has also affected the publishing world, in both positive and negative ways.

Over the past decade, eBooks have made reading accessible to a wider audience, especially in places where physical bookstores are lacking. Then, along came audiobooks. In a world with an increasingly short attention span, and fast-paced living, people began looking for more convenient ways to gain knowledge. The advent of high-speed internet connections such as Spectrum TV packages and internet has made audiobooks a highly viable option. Now, people can absorb books on the go, even while carrying on with their daily tasks. Of course, there are still a considerable number of traditionalists who want to stick with physical books. Here are a few pros and cons for both physical books and audiobooks to consider.

The Pros & Cons Of Physical Books

Physical books have been around for centuries, even before the printing press was invented. Even now, many people prefer the feel of a physical book in their hands rather than a screen or a recorded audiobook.


If you like creating your own images in your head while reading, physical books let you imagine everything with your own inner voice. In addition, there is a feeling of sentimentality attached with physical books. You can collect them as valuable items and pass them down for generations.

Furthermore, you may just like to display books around your house. They do add elegance to your interiors, in addition to all the knowledge you get.


However, physical books also have some drawbacks. The main one is availability. You may be living in an area where there are limited bookstores, or where the inventory is quite basic. If you want to read a wide range of books, you’ll have to get them shipped with a lot of effort and extra charges involved.

Furthermore, if you don’t have ample storage space at home, it will soon fill up if you go for physical books. They tend to take up a lot of space, and are difficult to keep dust-free as well.

Audiobooks: The Pros & Cons

Audiobooks are perfect for you if you have a busy lifestyle, and want to read. You just need to plug in your earphones and listen to your favorite books and articles on the go.


The best part of audiobooks is how convenient they make things for you. You can easily go about your work, exercise, and domestic tasks while listening to your reading material. Furthermore, audiobooks take up very little storage space on your devices. So, you can literally carry thousands of books in your pocket if you go for audiobooks.

In addition, audiobooks have been proven to be good for absorbing knowledge. Your brain focuses more on the knowledge being imparted if you’re listening to it, rather than skimming through it. Audiobooks can also be quite entertaining, particularly with good voice actors voicing the characters.

Audiobooks are difficult to follow if you get distracted. If you get too absorbed in multitasking, you may miss important parts of the books. In addition, you may not like an audiobook simply due to the narrator’s tone or voice.

Furthermore, it is quite difficult to go back and re-listen to bits you missed or simply want to repeat. This means that you may miss out on a lot.

Which Is Better?

While going through the pros and cons of both physical and audiobooks, you may find yourself leaning towards one option. However, neither is objectively better, so the decision depends on you. Your lifestyle and preferences will differ from others, so see what option fits you best.

After all, whether you’re reading or listening to a book, you’re improving your mind and nurturing a commendable hobby.

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