Our School Library

Short Paragraph on Our School Library For Class Six to Ten

Short Paragraph on Our School Library For Class Six to Ten


  1. What is Library?
  2.  Where is your School Library situated?
  3.  What do you collect from there?
  4.  What is the procedure of Borrowing books?
  5.  When do students and teachers go to Library?


A school library i9s a place where different kinds of books are kept for the students and the teachers. It is a store house of knowledge. I read in ’Y’ High School. There is a library in our school. It is on the ground floor. It is a big and beautiful library. There is a librarian in the library. There one a lot of text books, reference books and other necessary books. Student go there, need books and make notes. They can also borrow books from the school library by using library card. The librarian helps us to find our a book. The teachers also go there and collects the necessary books.  So a school library is very important for a students. It is a part and parcel for a good school. We are proud of our school library.

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