Modal Verbs List, Definition, Meaning And Examples Details

Modal is a part of Verbs in English Grammar. The modal verbs contain must, can, may, might, will, should, would.

We are used with other verbs to direct ability, possibility, responsibility, and so on. Here, is a list presenting the most effective modal and their most common meanings

Modal verbs definition

There are some persons who want to know what the Modal Verb is? Here, are the definition is, in English grammar, modal is a verb that assembles with another verb to specify tense.

It is also known as a modal auxiliary or modal verb that expresses uncertainty, necessity, and ability.

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Modal verbs list

Here is the list of the verbs of Modal in English grammar

  • Must / have to
  • Shall
  • will
  • Should
  • Would
  • Can
  • Could
  • May
  • Might

Use of modal in English Verbs

Modal verbs are used to express functions like as:





Lack of necessity




Modal verbs meaning with examples

[table id=19 /]

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Examples of Modals in English for practising

There are also examples of Modals in English verb like.

  • We must go to the University today.
  • May I ask any question about English
  • A computer can solve any mathematical work.
  • I might go to the United Kingdom next month.
  • Could you please tell me what type of Laptop should I buy?

Thank you for listening here in English Modal Verbs. If this article helps to study in English so, appreciate me into the comment.

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