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Dynamics NAV, Navision | The Microsoft ERP solution for your company

The Microsoft ERP solution For your company. Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) is one of the most prominent ERP systems for SMBs.

In a world where companies have to be connected, the Well-known Microsoft Dynamics Nav software operates with over 100,000 SMEs across the world, being among the very popular because it adapts readily to any business sector.

Navision has the fundamental characteristics of an ERP (Business Resource Planning System), making it the most comprehensive application to boost productivity, business management, internal management and other relevant aspects.

Do you want to know more about Navision and its functions?

Next, we’ll present you a comprehensive evaluation on Microsoft Dynamics Nav, Business Central, how it functions, its benefits, features and what’s its cost in Spain.

What is Microsoft Dynamics Nav?

Microsoft Dynamics NAV also known as Navision and Business Central (since 2019). NAV (Navision) is an ERP designed as a comprehensive solution for small and medium-sized companies. It is allowing for more advanced sales management, better financial structure, and closer relationships with customers and significant advancement in areas such as manufacturing, supply chain, and e-commerce.

Navision benefits or advantages

Like ERP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV delivers a number of advantages that every modern business should enjoy. Would you like better management, process automation and successful marketing?

Navision Business Central is your fastest, easiest, most intuitive and dynamic means to acquire this and other benefits. Pay attention!

Navision equals comprehensive solution

It covers the different processes that address essential Having all of this data in the same system, it’s more accessible and permits the coordination of all of the departments of the company.

Accurate info within reach

Among the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics Nav software is the Fast and dependable getting of information about the business, handling to handle accounting and analytical reports with greater precision without the need to experience long processes looking for data or documents.

Optimize decision-making

Possessing a catalog of tools, solutions, information and Choices, facilitates and improves decision making within a corporation. With Navision it is possible to acquire concrete evaluation and reports on a particular region and from that point, it is more feasible to make an appropriate choice for this area.

Task assignment and inventory management are some of the Examples which may be improved using the instinctive Navision interface.

Each worker will have access to files, information and Other elements that are required to carry out their tasks independently, together with the most important objective of increasing their performance.

It is likely to know for sure the available products and the condition of the inventory, as well as any movement in or outside of the warehouse.

Characteristics of Microsoft Dynamics Nav

The last update that Navision software received was in December 2018. The launch of the new features and features caused a fantastic effect and very very good opinions out of users.

It’s the Most Recent version of this renowned ERP which will carry the nickname Business Central.

Having tools that present the business solutions we need is Among the simplest ways to tackle using technologies in our favor. Find out what will be the characteristics of Microsoft Dynamics Nav!


Among those qualities most valued by customers is that the customization of services. With Navision, it’s possible to accommodate the workspace on our computer. The opportunity to move, hide, and arrange fields and columns is a good means to work more comfortably and increase our project performance.

Low prices:

The automatic manuals of Dynamics Nav, reach a perfect integration with the Dynamics 365 for Revenue system. The implementation costs are minimal, enabling smart investments to be made which turn SMEs into a big national firm.


The most recent update of the ERP software integrated a Electricity BI and Microsoft Flow reporting purpose in order to automate staff activities and Enhance management within the company. Best of all, you don’t require any programming skills to use these new features.

Agile process:

In 2018 Microsoft Excel report templates have been inserted, as a way to take advantage of this service to comprehend article pictures. Likewise, the most recent version of Navision incorporated improvements in terms of the optical character recognition capability, which eases processes with digitized documents.


With Microsoft Dynamics NAV it is possible to have precise and at-hand reports on specific scenarios in the organization, like pending orders. In this same manner, it’s easier to handle issues such as delays, purchase invoices, requests, sales and negotiation with providers.

Options and prices: Navision price

Navision offers two types of licenses: subscription and proprietary. Both have great differences such as controllability, software rights, usability, functions and time of usage.

When we choose the Buy option, we’ve got the Program Under our hands, allowing unlimited usage. The installation is carried out locally and, thus, will need knowledge for its execution and maintenance.

On the other hand, the subscription process is predicated on making monthly payments. The implementation is quite simple since the machine is hosted at the cloud. The client will not incur any extra costs based on maintenance.

The payment for your purchase of permits in property is Split into two classes: the basic one which has a single price tag of $ 3,750 along with the innovative one that has a cost of $ 7,500.

Similarly, Navision subscription costs are monthly and flexible, divided into 3 different forms of Cloud rates:

  • the full Starter user with prices from € 71 / month *,
  • the full extended for € 79 / month * and
  • the limited from € 49 / month *.

Each of these Rates are subject to official Microsoft Business Central prices and do not include VAT.

Alternatives to Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision)


Undoubtedly, Microsoft Dynamics NAV represents a Perfect instrument. For the evolution of the company’s strategy in all of its regions.

Not only is it effective at improving client relationships and increasing earnings, but it also promotes coordination between all divisions and accessibility to information.

Navision is part of the great Microsoft Dynamics Business Central family and offers the solutions which any entrepreneur asks from an ERP, incorporating perfect operation with technological features, all in the same applications.

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