International Mother Language Day Paragraph

International Mother Language Day Paragraph

Short Paragraph on International Mother Language Day


  1. What do you mean by International Mother Language Day?
  2. Why it is called Mother Language day?
  3. What is the Background of the Day?
  4. Who and When gave the recognition of this Mother Language day?
  5. Why are we feel Proud?
  6. And Why do we remember the day as an international Mother Tongue?

Language in the greatest gift of Almighty. People express their feelings with others by using a language. There are various language in the world but Bangla in our sweetest mother language. Now it has become an International Mother language and 21 February in called the International Mother Language Day. It was declared in 1999 by UNESCO. There is a historical background of it Mohammad Ali Jinnah, then the Governor in Pakistan. Declared in Dhaka that Undo and Undo will be the state Language of Pakistan. Then the people of East Pakistan Protested and a Language movement started in 1952. The government outlawed public meeting and rallies to stop it. But the students of Dhaka University violated the low and brought out the precession on 21 February in 1952. The police fired on the students and killed Salam, Rofiq, Jabbar and Barkat. For their sacrifice of their life. Bangla has become the state language and mother language. Since then every year on 21 February we observe the day as Sohid Day to show respect to the language martyrs. No other country in the world sacrifice so much blood as Bangladesh for language. So to give international recognition UNESCO has declared the day as an International Mother Language day. Now the day is observe globally. On the day we get up early in the morning. Go to the shohid miner and offer flower to pay homage to the martyrs of language movement. On the day our national flag is kept half-mart. Man y meeting and seminars are also held on the importance of language movement. We are proud of our Mother language day.

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