Intensifiers And Its Examples

What is intensifier?

Intensifiers is modifier which is used for insisting the meaning of verb, adverb and adjectives.

Another meaning: Intensifiers are adverbial phrase or adverb that emphasis the expression of the meaning.

Intensifiers list

Here are the list of some intensifiers.

Very, extremely, absolutely, highly, completely, rather, so, really, too, totally, utterly, little etc.

Intensifiers examples:

Here you will get most commonly use of intensifiers.

Ripa strongly agree with us.

Ruma is pretty smart.

You are absolutely right.

It’s extremely cold in Antarctica.

Rox is a very intelligent boy.

Rattle Snake is really harmful.

His recitation is fairly remarkable.

It is so much.

She writes Novel too often.

Rumi’s Parents are little angry for this task.

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