Intel Optane Memory VS SSD (Solid State Drive) 2

Intel Optane Memory VS SSD (Solid State Drive)

Introduction: This era is the era of globalization and modern science. Without using a single contribution to contemporary science, a person can never ratify his/her life smoothly. However, it was an ancient time for the computer history when Charles Babbage made the first model of a computer but rhetorically, there was no Optane Memory VS SSD (Solid-State Drive) memory. By the time, science developed immensely and we got these day by day.

However, alongside Optane Memory, SSD Memory has also some benefits but nowadays; Optane Memory has become very popular for its performance and low price. The young generation of our time is so curious to use Intel Optane Memory as they play games and use their computer for high graphics based works.

An ideal memory should have a very quick operation and long-time durability and its sustainability to work should be powerful as well. So, which will win, Intel Optane or SSD? Let’s compare these two powerful memories of PC.

What are the Optane Memory & SSD?

●       Optane Memory

Intel Optane Memory is a very powerful memory for pc and laptop which is created based on high powered technology and used for speeding up the system performance. It is combined by acting as a cache by storing the most frequently accessed data on it. It is more powerful than SSD but not than DRAM. Btw, to talk about DRAM is not our aim.

It is a non-volatile memory in a cheap price currently which speeds up your computer and boosts the capacity of it. It acts as a bridge between memory and storage supporting with the fast data transfer among memory, storage and processor. For example, it decreases the time of opening and launching an application and boosts the speed which is very fruitful for carrying on graphics applications or gaming applications.

●       Solid State Drive


SSD or Solid State Drives are the most popular memory card for a computer at this time. It is used as the fastest storage type option for pc or laptop. It uses ‘flash memory’ to store data and it stores in a semiconductor cell, on the other hand, we knew Optane Memory stores data by using cache. Unfortunately, SSDs are slower than Intel Optane Memory.

Solid State Drive’s or Disks or Devices whatever we say, are typically more resistant to physical shock and they run silently. Though SSD has also a quicker access time and lower latency, it is not better than Optane’s performance at all.

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Difference between Intel Optane Memory and SSD

Intel Optane Memory and SSD are the most popular devices at now which are used many of the PC and Laptop brands. Though, SSD is more popular for its cheap price, Intel Optane has various benefits that are absent in SSD. In the purpose of heavy using, gaming and overall high graphics, It is not analogous to Optane Memory from any angle. The differences are given below:

  • Intel Optane Memory is faster than SSD on the other hand SSD is slower than Optane Memory.
  • Optane Memory costs more than Flash Memory (SSD) but SSD costs less than Optane. And, SSD is affordable.
  • The latency of any work like an opening application or gaming is low in Optane Memory which is a very good choice to deal a heavy task. But, unfortunately, the response latency is high in SSD.
  • Intel Optane and SSD, both are non-volatile memory.
  • The endurance of Optane Memory is high. But the endurance of SSD is low. Here, SSD got another demerit.
  • Talking about Reliability, Intel Optane has an excellent read response rather than Flash Memory or SSD. On the other side, SSD reliability is so low.

Which is the best for Gaming?

Some technicians say that Intel Optane is the best for gaming. Differently, some say SSDs are the best! We see a mixed-reaction from them. But, choosing one of them is very difficult for a user. In this part, we’ll try to give you a good difference between Optane Memory and SSDs.

By the way, we have known that Intel Optane memory uses cache for storing data; on the other hand, SSD uses flash memory to store data. Both have a good side of storing data but Optane Memory has a quicker response than SSD to open up a gaming application like PUBG or heavy application. Getting a faster response from Intel Optane, why a gamer should buy SSD! (?)

Low latency is an important factor for a gamer and a gaming laptop or PC. In this aspect, Intel Optane provides better performance of low latency whereas SSD is slower than Optane.

Talking about endurance, someone must look at Intel Optane Memory before buying an SSD. As a unique technology, Intel Optane has a very high endurance which is up to 60 Drive Writes Per Day (DWPD). This amount of numbers shows how many times an Optane drive’s whole storage can be overwritten every day. It can handle a huge workload. In in-memory database deployment, storage endurance is an important matter where Intel Optane is ahead of SSD.

But, to talk about pricing of these, SSD is ahead of Intel Optane to consume low price. Because Intel Optane is not so cheap to be bought till now in any aspects, whereas SSD provides more storages rather than Intel Optane in terms of Gigabytes! You may buy a 256 GB SSD at the same price buying an Intel Optane of 60s GB. It is a demerit for Intel Optane but the news of hope that the price of Intel Optane is decreasing day by day. It is a piece of good news for gamers.

Can Optane Memory replace SSDs?

Intel Optane Memory is built of powerful optane technology which is an excellent memory to replace NAND SSDs. It is slightly comparable to RAM and for being a non-volatile memory it can retain data for a long time.

Optane Memory performs excellent with up to 550,000 IOPS (Inputs/Outputs per second) and this amount of speed in 4K random reads and writes. Technicians and tests experimented and found that Intel Optane is better for opening and speeding up applications quickly with read-intensive access patterns.

Moreover, Intel Optane has more advantages to write-intensive workloads than SSDs. Even, it is considered a highly reliable and fewer dips in performance and lower latency which is a good side for gamers and heavy users.

Final Verdict about Optane Memory VS SSD

Nowadays, more renowned and reputed companies and organizations use Intel Optane memory for dealing with their heavy load of works. By using this, they can easily regulate their data centre workloads.

As prices of Intel Optane Memories are dropping day by day, people are more willing to buy Optane Memory rather than buying SSDs. And, thus Optane Memory is becoming an integral part of every modern consumer of PC, Laptop and Desktop as well.

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