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Intel Core i5 vs core i7 differences with features details

Core i5 and Core i7 are both high end latest processors from Intel. Intel Core i5 vs Core i7 differences and their all performance details are available here. Core i7 processor performs better because they have more caching, higher clock speeds and hyper-threading for faster multitasking.

The i5 performance is more than adequate; The i7 series will not require additional performance if their use is limited to web browsing, email, video and office / productivity applications. The Core i7 processor has an advantage for processor-intensive applications such as video encoding and rendering, 3D modeling, high-end graphics work and gaming.  Also, Core i5 and Core i7 processors, still feel relatively young.

Both the i5 and i7 processors can be used for gaming, while high-gaming PCs still use dedicated GPUs. After reading the article you can know about core i5 vs core i7 laptop and which laptop best for you. Besides, I have discussed more important matters about core i5 vs core i7. Stay with us and read the article with patient.

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Core i5 vs core i7 & Special technologies and featured

The Core i5 processor from Intel is of high performance but a smaller version of a valuable i7 processor. The lower prices associated with the i5 make it accessible to the mainstream market. The most noticeable difference between the two is the shift in the type of socket used.

The i5 uses an LGA 11116 socket with a new chip set and the core i7 processors use the LGA131366 socket type and its associated chip set. It’s important to know the different technologies used, it’s actually pretty easy to you need to know absolutely, let’s review a few things about features:

  1. TurboBoost: Two different core processors core i3 and a core i5 both have a frequency of 3,40Ghz, you might be tempted to think there’re no real differences. TurboBoost technologies that will make a difference. Sure, they both are running at 3,40Ghz, but TurboBoost could make the Core i5 version go up to 3,80Ghz.


  1. Hyper Threading: This is a technology that offers a boost when handling multitasking, being able to run two thread at the same time. Every Core i7 packs this technology, but most Core i5 does too, if you decide to pick an i5 version, check it’s comprised, particularly if you plan on using demanding software occasionally. Core I5 is lower threading system and core i7 is hyper threading system

What is core i5?

An Intel Core i5 processor is the 5th generation technology of Intel. Intel RealSense technology is known for advanced features like gesture control, 3D capture, edit, innovative, advanced photo, and video abilities to computing device. i5 gives the option of stunning visuals, an automatic burst of speed and built-in security, when it comes to Intel Turbo Boost Technology. Intel Core i5 processor is for all computing devices like 2 in 1, desktop tablets and laptops.

Intel core i5
Intel core i5

What is core i7?

Core i7 is the latest Intel micro-architecture on the 14 nm manufacturing process delivers performance and vastly improved graphics, battery life, and security. Core i7 are based on the latest features of Intel Hyper-Threading Technology.

It allows each processor core to work on two tasks at the same time for smoother multitasking, 3D visuals and faster, more advanced video and photo editing, the 5th generation Intel Core i7 processor delivers top-of-the-line performance for the most demanding work.

Intel core i7
Intel core i7

Difference between core i5 and core i7

Core i5 Core i7
The Core i5 Frequency is 3.6 GHzThe Core i7 Frequency is 3.6 GHz
L3 cache is 6 MB of Core i5L3 cache is 8 MB of Core i5
Core i5 do chipset support is P55, H55, H57 and Q57Core i5 do chipset support is X58.
Fabrication of i5 is 45 nm, and 32 nm Fabrication of i7 is 45 nm.
Core i5 performance is at mid-level (4 star)Core i7 performance is at high-level (5 star)
Core of i5 are 4 or 2Core of i5 are 2
Use thermal design power for i5 such as 77 W, 65 W, 45W, 35 W, 17 W, 13 WUse thermal design power for i5 such as 130 W, 95 W, 77 W, 65 W, 55 W, 45 W, 35 W, 25 W, 17 W
Core i5 performance in certain tasks like data crunching, graphics, video editing, and PC gamingCore i7 performance is better and more advanced
The Core i5 processors contains small cache, lower -threading, and lower clock speed.The Core i7 processors contains larger cache, hyper-threading, and higher clock speed.
Low price than core i7High price than core i5

I have explained a lot of advantage about core i5 vs core i7. I think, you have been benefited from this article. You have got several types of things about core i5 vs core i7 differences with comparison chart. You will be able to select best laptop for you to buy. If you be benefited from this article you can tell your opinion by the comment box.

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