Importance of Science

Importance of science for students with examples and definitions

The importance of science is well known to the every field of human interaction we can see the immense contribution of science. Without science it’s not possible to see us where today we are. Science plays an important role in our everyday life and every part of interactions that we made in our daily activities.

Definitions of science

Now it’s a fact which may emerge in one’s mind that what actually science is. Science is actually derived from Latin word, “scientia,” means knowledge.

So the science can be defined as:

Science is a well-defined plan of activity which frame and establish new sets of information to make new knowledge by applying provable description and forecasting about everything on the universe.

Meaning of science

Science is a systematic process where different kind of theories, formulas, laws and thoughts are analyze and evaluate to find out the truth about the facts of anything.

Any kinds of activities that is occurred in the nature surrounding us or in the universe where we are a tiny part are studied by this systematic process and generate new knowledge.

Science is an important thing

Science is a systematic process to bring out true fact from any given thought by following some sets of rule which known as includes:

  • Observation: based on collected data and measurement the observations is done.
  • Evidence: if there is any evidence that are collected for further processing of data evaluation.
  • Experiment: based on collected data and evidence experiments are done to examine the assumption.
  • Initiation :bring out the facts from the examination of the data and evidence
  • Reexamination and complex analysis: to ensure the truthiness and authentication of the result the process of examination of the data and evidence are done several times and analyze critically.
  • Verification and reviewing of the result: the result which are found from the experiment are verified and tested by the experts and ensure the result is correct.

After following the process that have been mention above the final result is published and documented as a true knowledge in the relevant field.

So it clearly shows that science is an important thing to bring out the true fact and generate new knowledge.

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Example of science

As we all know that science is systematic study of any we can see many field of scientific study. Some of them are:

Examples of Science
Examples of Science
  • Physics: it is a field of study where it deals with the physical study of the objects whether it is in motion or not is it in the earth or in the physics there are many sub field where it focus on different properties of the matter and object.
  • Chemistry: a kind of science where it deals with chemical properties, behavior, composition, state of any object and how any chemical reaction works in different sets of condition.
  • Biology: a kind of science where the characteristics, behavior, reproduction interaction with the nature are studied.
  • Geography And Geology: formation and composition, states of earth, oceans, atmosphere, weather and climate are studied in geography and geology

Science and technology: some branches

Science is deals to generate new knowledge prove the new hypothesis by collecting data and analyze them in a systematic way. There are many branches of science:

  • Geography,
  • Physics,
  • Chemistry
  • Math
  • Biology
  • Zoology
  • Astrophysics
  • Geography
  • Geology
  • Climate science
  • Atmospheric science

And many more.


On the other hand technology is study of science to achieve, invent and develop something that will help the mankind to improve their life and ease their daily other words technology can see as the application of science. Some example can clear the idea about technology:

  • Chemical engineering: it the study of chemistry to create new things which will be used to improve the standard of life of the people. Some application of chemical engineering’s are:
    • Chemical fertilizer and pesticides: invention of chemical fertilizer is the practical application of chemical meet the need of fertilizer, chemical scientists and engineer have invented chemical fertilizer to help the farmers to control the pesticides and grow more food.
    • Chemical agents: various kind of chemical agents are produced which are used in different field
  • Climatology: scientist study the climate and gives us information about the possible climatic catastrophe and helps us to reduce the damages of property and lives by taking preparations. And we even get the real time update about the weather from our mobile phone.
  • Civil engineering: now a day’s more and more sky scrapers are built around the world. It’s all possible due to the advancement of civil engineering by the civil engineers.
  • Medical technology: in the medical sector, there have more advance equipment which helps the doctors to diagnose the patient effectively and that they can provide better treatment for the patient.
  • Communication technology: applied physics math helps to improve the communication technology .in present people are able to communicate with each other within a moment from a large distance.

Moreover there are many other technologies that have been used in the daily activities of people.

Science, an important topic for the students

The present days are the days of science and technology. People are surrounded with science and technology in every field of their life. To become updated with the present days and make a good portfolio for their future life, every student have to have sound knowledge on science and technology.

Otherwise they will be unable to secure a good position in the job field. Including that now a day’s education become digitized and many kinds of technologies are implemented in the education system to make the student prudent for the rapid changing future world. Digitization of the education system, brings the world in the hand of the students and open the door with many kind of opportunities.

Science also helps the student to keep them updated with the current knowledge, ideas and technologies. If the student want to flourish their future, it is important for them to know about the latest science and technology. Science has developed for communication like Mobile that is the higher level development of the Communication sector. There are more importance of Communication in our business and other sectors.

Importance of science in society

In the changing world science and technology plays a vital role. From road to buildings, shop to educational instructions all are the result of modern science and technology. Things that we see in the society almost everything are the applied result of science of technology. Even the toothpaste which we use to clean our teeth after woke up in the morning to when we goes to bed in night we use the things that are result of science and technology.

Uses of science in everyday life

We are surrounds with the elements of science and technology. Some of the examples are given below:

Communications: in communication purpose we many things that are the gifts of science and technology. Such as:

  • Smart phone
  • Telephone
  • Fax etc.

Personal use:

  • Laptop
  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • Smart watch
  • E-mail etc.

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These are some example of science that we use in our everyday life.

Final words

In our everyday life and the activities we are doing in the society, every steps are surrounded by the elements and gifts of science and its worth to saying that without importance of science and technology we cannot live a single moment.

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