Importance of Physical Education

Importance of Physical Education and 6 benefits everyone should know

“Education is the backbone of a nation” is a common quote known by almost everyone. When it comes to education, we can only think about theoretical knowledge. Though there are many benefits of physical education still we besides primary school, High school, and Universities seem unaware of the importance of physical education.

We are used to sallow what school, college, and universities are included in their syllabus to teach us and vomit these scripts on the exam. And the outcome is a Certificate, That’s where the current Academies and Educational organization puts the tag “Educated”.

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But if we talk about proper education it should be a combination of theoretical, technical, and physical education. Though these days the school, college, and universities are slightly focusing on technical education still they are not putting much effort into promoting the importance of ICT in Education

What is physical education?

We perform different kinds of physical activity on regular basis such as gym, jogging, swimming, playing, etc. But Physical Education (P.E.) teaches us about performing these real-life physical activities in a proper and balanced way. To get the maximum benefits from these regular physical activities and to learn about proper eating, hygiene, fitness maintain, mental health, physical development, and growth-based education and curriculum are P.E or Physical Education.

What is the importance of Physical Education?

These days because of the digitalization and automobile revolution, dependence on technology and auto-machine is increasing day by day. For these reasons peoples, physical inactivity is increasing at an alarming rate. In-example: people are using escalator or elevator instead of the stair, instead of walking people is using electric bikes even on walking distance and thousands of example can be given happening every day around us.

Kid’s and student’s physical activity is also decreasing. In the past, in leisure time kids loved to play cricket, football, basketball, volleyball and they also played many games they had to attend physically. But nowadays it seems that instead of playing on the field they are more interested in playing video games on PC, Xbox or in play station.

In our generation at the weekend and in leisure time we used to put effort into building different skills, spending time on hobbies, helping our parents in their work. But nowadays rather than doing these, kids and students are spending their time watching TV, surfing the internet and also doing many useless things.

It would be very wrong if we only blame the young folks, nowadays not only kids but also adults are addicted to video games, YouTube, doing TikTok, different social media, and apps like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. and it is a matter of disappointment.

The reason behind all of these disappointments is less participation in different physical activities. And less participation in different physical activity is because of the lack of knowledge about Physical Education and not understanding or being unaware of the importance of Physical Education.

For proper physical, mental development P.E should be taught from childhood and obviously from the primary level.

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Why do we need physical education in schools?

School is the place where a student’s key developments start. Students get their good and bad habits from school after home. Their physical and mental growth is also highly dependent on their participation in different physical activities in school. From childhood to youth age, school plays a vital role in their total development.

As the primary level is the stage where students get starter lessons, so the importance of Physical Education should be taught to them from the primary school level. The P.E. should be in the elementary-level curriculum so that students get can get to know more about Physical Education and can grow their interest in different Physical activities like running, playing on the field, jumping, instead of playing video games all day long.

To ensure the overall growth from their childhood importance of physical education in primary schools can not be ignored.

As students shift from primary level to higher level in school their and category of emotional, mental growth, and types of physical activities also change. In school besides running, jumping they get into different advanced on-field gameplay like cricket, football, basketball, etc. Despite these changes, schools need to make sure students don’t lose interest in Physical activities, that’s why we do need physical education in schools.

Not only limiting the students to writing the importance of physical education essay, but they should also be encouraged to take part willingly in different physical activities. To continue the development process, a continuous lesson about the importance of physical education in schools is obvious.

Benefits of Physical Education

For personal growth and body development importance of P.E. is undeniable. It helps to build bodily strength, concentration, practical skills, and also helps to achieve stable mental health. To increase awareness everyone should know about the benefits of P.E. Among many benefits of physical education some major facts everyone should know is shortly explained below:

1. Physical Fitness and Mental growth

To judge good health, physical fitness is the first stage and that’s what we seek first. Physical activities help to build body strength, make bones stronger, and increases stamina. Increased stamina helps to work all day in full boost without getting so tired. Good physical health also helps with proper mental growth and stability.

Physical activities like jumping, running, jogging, playing different games like cricket, tennis, basketball, etc. increases body organ’s work-ability and good physical health prevent mental illness.

2. Self Confidence and Concentration

Physical activities increase the power to focus and concentrate. Good mental health or mental stability is the key to concentrate on something. Good concentration power leads to higher self-esteem. Good mental health and the ability to focus connect body and soul, and that gives a boost in self-confidence.

3. Communication Skill and leadership

No matter child or adult, communication skill is very important. To express our feeling and also to understand the feeling of others, good communication skill is important. It helps you to get any information quickly, also helps to maintain a good relationship with classmates, employees, colleagues.

Effective communication skill is one of the most important characteristics of Leaders. Understanding the importance of Physical Education and participation in physical activities unlocks the ability of Leadership.

4. Discipline and Productivity

To stay focused on your goal discipline is important. To do the right things at the right time, leading life with discipline is necessary. P.E. teaches discipline through sports and also via different physical activities.

Productivity helps you to reach your goal in a short time. To fertilize time and to ensure the best usage of time, productivity is important. To maintain productivity, proper discipline is also should be maintained.

5. Inner Peace and Stress relieve

To lead a life full of positive energy inner peace is mandatory. Inner peace provides more control over negative emotions. Physical Activities like meditation helps to gain inner peace and mental stability.

Inner peace also helps to go away negative energies like depression, anxiety and inner peace also relieves stress and increases the concentration power.

6. Good Health

Condition for good health is exercising regularly, maintaining hygiene, proper eating, and effective diet control.

Besides physical development, these conditions will also link to mental stability which is also important.

Disadvantages of physical education

There are not many disadvantages of Physical Education except someone starts overdoing it or misguided. But still, some facts should be considered, is the following:

  • Equipment for P.E. is expensive and often it is a matter of concern for small schools and individuals.
  • Maintaining Gym and equipment is also costly.
  • Proper safety and a Good instructor is needed to avoid an unwanted accident.
  • Forcing students to P.E. classes may lead to the opposite goal.
  • If students get Injuries during P.E. class, can lead any school to a lawsuit.


Physical Education will guide us in physical activity and how to do these activities properly. P.E will also teach us about the importance of physical education but getting the real benefit is up to us. To get and set the benefit into our life, to maintain a standard and healthy lifestyle everyone should know the benefits and importance of physical education and follow these activities.

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