How to record the screen of your Android or iPhone

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We live in an era where technology is advancing at a rapid rate. One of the most popular technologies is the smartphone. In fact, a recent survey showed that 94% of Americans now own a smartphone. In addition, it’s estimated that by 2020, there will be more mobile devices than people on the planet. And, we all know that smartphones have become an integral part of our lives.

There’s a lot of things you can do with your smartphone. You can take pictures, play games, watch videos, browse the internet, check your social media accounts, read books, and much more. But, if you’re like most people, you probably spend the vast majority of your time on your phone doing one thing: using apps. And apps are great! They make it easier to do all kinds of things, like keep track of your favorite teams, write an eBook, and take a selfie. But what happens when you’re trying to record something on your phone and the video doesn’t work? Or you want to take a picture of something that you can’t see, but it’s not in the right place? Or maybe you just want to record the screen of your Android or iPhone so that you can have a record of what you were doing on your phone. If you’ve ever wanted to record the screen of your Android or iPhone, you’ve come to the right place.

Screen recording has been available on iPhones and iPads since iOS 11, but Android’s capabilities have been inconsistent at best. Several brands permit users to archive their screens, but many do not, and third-party monitor capture apps may pose a security risk.
Once Android 11 is released after this year, that will change. Screen recording will be built into Android 11 for the first time, bringing a long-awaited feature to a nearby machine (as long as it supports Android 11). By installing the latest Android 11 community beta, you can even test it out earlier.

How to record the screen of your Android, iOS or iPadOS device

Now that screen recording is finally a native Android feature, we thought it was time we put together a guide that shows you how to make a history of your screen on both Android and iOS/iPadOS.

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Both are easy to use, but you’ll have to fiddle around a bit – the feature stays right in places with less effort to stop accidental recordings.

Also keep in mind that some apps don’t really allow you to record audio at the same time, and some products may prevent you from monitor sharing, mirroring, or streaming apps, though also recording your screen.


Because this is an Android 11 feature, you’ll need to either install the latest Android 11 beta or wait for the latest edition to be released later this calendar year. Some phones (such as the Samsung Galaxy) can monitor history even without Android 11, so your product may already be able to do this, although we only cover Android 11 functionality for this post.

  1. Swipe down on the screen of your Android device to open the notifications menu, then swipe down on that much further to access Quick Settings.
  2. Swipe right through the Quick Options shortcuts to locate Screen Record, then tap it.
  3. On the next screen, you can decide whether to stream audio and/or incorporate your screen touches into the recording. If you want to include audio, tap “Record Audio” then find whether to record only your device audio, your microphone audio, or audio from both sources equally.
  4. Tap “Start” when you are ready for the story. A small purple recording icon will appear at the top right of your screen to indicate that screen recording is in progress.
  5. To prevent recording, swipe down to see your notification panel, then tap the purple “Tap to stop” notification banner.

Viewing screen recordings are saved to the current file on your device. media folder and can be discovered with the file manager or in the Google Shots app under Library > Movies .

iOS and iPad OS

These recommendations really should get the job done on any Apple iPhone or iPad. or iPod contact iOS 11 or later.

  1. Open the Options app and go to Management Heart > Customize Controls.
  2. Tap the “+” icon until you get to the “Screen recording” solution.
  3. This future stage will differ depending on the device/OS you are using. For Apple iPhone X or later and iPads with iOS 12/iPadOS 13 or later: Swipe down from the ideal top corner of the screen. For iOS 11 and older devices: Swipe up from the bottom edge of any monitor.
  4. Tough-press the gray “record” icon (it looks like a significant dot inside a circle) to prepare the display file feature.
  5. Tap the microphone icon for “About” if you want to include things like microphone audio in your recording.
  6. Tap “Start Recording,” then wait for the countdown of a few seconds to complete. Immediately after that, the recording will start.

To stop recording, tap the purple bar at the top of your screen and then tap “Stop.” You can also use the same gesture command you used in step 3 to open Command Middle and tap the “Record” icon again to end the video clip that way instead. Saved viewing recordings can be discovered in the iOS Pics app.

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