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Greetings, fellow travelers! Today, we’re diving into the details of the Visitor30 prepaid plan, designed to make your stay in Saudi Arabia an effortlessly connected experience. So, grab a seat and let’s explore the ins and outs of this fantastic offer that keeps you in touch with your loved ones, both near and far. In this article we will learn about how to activate Zain 30 riyal package?

Visitor30 Essentials:

  • Visitor Count: 30 curious explorers
  • Currency of Choice: 30 SAR (Saudi Riyals)
  • Access Granted for: 2 Weeks

Unlimited YouTube with Zain’s Shabab Package for SAR 30

Unpacking the Digital Goodies:

  1. Data Delight: Your Visitor30 package brings you a generous 3 GB of internet bliss, ensuring you stay connected with the world online.
  2. Social Media Bonanza: Dive into the realms of Facebook, Snapchat, and WhatsApp with a dedicated 1 GB just for your social media cravings.
  3. Talk & Text: Enjoy 50 minutes for calls and SMS, keeping you close to those who matter.

Guidelines for the Wanderer:

  • Activate this prepaid line with a small upfront payment. A mere 30 SAR is your ticket to a world of connectivity.
  • Your benefits dance with you for 2 weeks, and the renewal dance costs 30 SAR.
  • Remember, the prices mentioned exclude the 15% VAT, as it waltzes in with the line recharge transaction.
  • Subscribe by sending 3030 to 959 and, if you decide it’s time to part ways, stop the auto-renewal with a simple message to 959.
  • Whether it’s a new line or a transferred one, regular SIM or eSIM, the Visitor30 plan embraces all types.
  • For local endeavors, each billing pulse is 30 seconds or less; for international escapades, it’s a graceful 60 seconds.
  • Texting, VoIP, and multimedia content on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Snapchat are all part of the social media embrace.
  • Local minutes happily include service numbers (9200, 800, etc.).
  • Benefits are generous but remember, they can’t be transferred or rolled over.

The Pay As You Go Waltz:

  • Local calls, data, and SMS are priced at 0.55 SAR per minute, 0.55 SAR per 100kb, and 0.55 SAR per local SMS, respectively.
  • Customization at Your Fingertips: Enhance your Visitor experience with various add-ons, including Visitor add-ons, International calls add-ons, and DOV add-ons.
  • If your journey takes you beyond Saudi borders, rest assured, roaming services are at your disposal; just subscribe to activate.

Now that we’ve unveiled the charm of Visitor30, why not embark on your digital adventure? Subscribe, connect, and savor the wonders of connectivity in the enchanting kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Safe travels and happy exploring!

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