How do I turn off child safety lock?

On the rear edge of each rear door is a child safety lock. Each door must have its own child safety lock. The child lock can be switched on or off by turning the key clockwise or counterclockwise. When you turn the key in the child lock, it turns counterclockwise and when you turn it in the other direction, it turns clockwise.

Where is child lock in car?

Usually, child safety locks are built into rear doors of most cars so that rear seat passengers, particularly small ones, cannot open the doors while the vehicle is in motion or stopped.

How do I fix the child lock on my car?

A child safety door lock can be loosened by turning the switch on and off about 25 times, then resetting it. If your car’s other doors are stuck and do not disengage, you can follow these steps to fix them.

Can you unlock child lock?

Different types of child locks on car doors can be unlocked using different methods. Use a switch to disable electronic locks. The switch is located either on your dashboard or on the front door armrests.

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