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Has been VS Have been | Difference between with examples

In English Grammar Tense is an effective part and ‘has been and have been’ is a verb of Present Perfect Continuous Tense. There are some differences between Has been VS Have been. Actually, ‘has been’ is the singular form of the third-person of the verb and ‘have been’ in the first, second and third-person plural form of the verb.

We have to know properly 12 basic tenses with examples without tense knowledge we can’t make good sentences. Have been and ‘has been’ is a type of the tense so, everyone should study about them.

What the definition is of has been and have been?

Definition of has been: It is the 3rd-person singular number present perfect form of the tense. Actually, has been we used in a sentence with “He, She, It, John, Steve”.

For examples

He has been winning the match against Australia for two matches.

She has been sleeping for four hours.

Definition of have been: It is the exact form of the verb. Actually, it is used as a first and second singular form of the present perfect continuous tense and all form of plural. We used ‘have been’ with “: I, We, They and You, yours”.

For examples

I have been reading this story for two hours.

We have been playing since the evening.

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What is the difference between have been and has been?

Everyone will get in this article full detail about the difference between have been and has been with examples details. Everyone can get also exercise and definition of them so, stay with us for knowing.

Difference between has been and have been with comparison Chart

There are some difference between Has been VS Have been with meaning, pronouns, examples and also has given below by a comparison chart.

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Examples of ‘has been and have been’

Has been

  • He has been reading the newspaper for three hours
  • She has been walking a field for two hours.
  • He has been traveling in the UK for two months.
  • It has been raining since morning.
  • Steve Jobs has been writing a scientific book for some days.

Have been

  • I have been singing an English song two times.
  • We have been watching a scientific English movie for three hours.
  • They have been playing the National Football League in the field for two hours.
  • Have you been completing the assignment for four hours
  • I have been watching the zone since morning.

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Shall and Will we use in the future Tense.

Contractions form of Has been VS Have been

Positive Contractions

  • You have been – you’ve been
  • He has been – He’s been
  • They have been – They’ve been
  • I have been – I’ve been
  • We have been – We’ve been
  • She has been – She’s been

Negative Contractions

  • Has not been – hasn’t been
  • Have not been – haven’t been.

Structure of the present perfect continuous tense

Affirmative: Subject+have been/has been+ ing with the main verb+extension

Negative: Subject + have/has+not+ been+ ing with the main verb + extension

Interrogative: have/has + Subject + been + ing form of the main verb + extension

In a word, after, I, We, You, They, and plural form of the subject we use have been otherwise, has been.

Thanks for staying here I think this post will be helpful for increasing your tense knowledge Has been VS Have been details.

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