Environment Pollution paragraph

Environment Pollution paragraph for class six to Ten and Class XI

Environment Pollution paragraph for class six to ten and Class XI students


  1. What is Environment?
  2. What are the main elements of Environment?
  3. What are the effects of Environment Pollution?
  4. What is our duty to Environment?
  5. What are the benefits of fresh water and air?


There are many objects around us. Forces, objects, and conditions both natural and man-made the environment Life becomes difficult if the relationship between the elements of the environment is disturbed. The main elements of environment are men, animals, plants, soil, water and air. If our environment is polluted, we can’t live a comfortable life. Clean air is essential for our life. By inhaling polluted air we become sick. But, air can be polluted in many ways. Besides, water is another important element of environment.  Clean water is safe for use but, it is harmful when it is polluted. The benefit of fresh air and water is so much. Man can’t live and comfortable life without fresh water and air. So, it is very important work to keep the environment clear and free from pollution.

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