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Educational Technology – An Overview | What are You Missing?

With the upgrade of technology now, it’s effortless to use it everywhere. So, what are you missing? Well, you may have missed the term Educational Technology which is directly related to technology-based education.

This is now possible that you can learn at home and can get a certificate. It is possible because of the technology and now you can able to see the world from your window by using a smartphone.

In this content, I will introduce you to the technology of education, why it’s essential, and the benefits. So, stay with me to learn more about it.

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What is Educational Technology?

When you combine the hardware, software, technology, and education with the theoretical learning facility, then the situation is known as Educational Technology. Here, you need to keep in mind that it should have a great resource and its information so that you can learn.

Again you should be engaging with the power of knowledge, and you need to utilize the experience in your practice life. There are many types of educational technology hardware and software to acquire knowledge. Technology tools are the hardware, and the mediums are the software.


  • Computer
  • Mobile
  • Tablet
  • Laptop
  • Notebook
  • TV
  • Virtual box


  • Audio / Video player
  • Virtual classroom software
  • Browsers
  • Content Reader

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Importance of Educational Technology with Benefits

As you have known the educational technology definition, it’s time to see the importance of Education Technology with the benefits of educational technology. If you are living in modern life, then you should know the value of time. To go to an educational center is most likely to waste time who has other work to do.

Again, if any epidemic diseases like COVID-19 spread to the whole world, then the educational center will turn off. At that time, what to do where staying home is the only way to survive? Fine, technology will help you to learn in that situation too. Even you can know the world just sitting in a chair. Technology is important because, if we don’t learn, then we can’t fight the future problems. This is important because we don’t want to stop learning.

Benefits of educational technology

With the importance, there are some benefits too. As it is essential, it should be beneficial. Let’s have a look at the benefits-

  • You can save your time by taking the education at home
  • An educative nature will remain in the room
  • You don’t have to take any pressure to acquire knowledge
  • There is an opportunity to get certified by a well-known institute.
  • Learning accuracy will gradually increase.
  • You will not feel bored.

Types of Educational Technology

There are many types of available educational technology, and now I will talk about them. You may find them beneficial, so don’t miss them.

1. Cloud Computing Availability

In this type of education, you can have a virtual class and virtual data transmission with the help of the internet and computing. How’s it work? An internal networking system is developed among two or more computers, which is directly connected to the satellite, and your data will transmit through the network so that you get it in your interference.

It opens the door of tech-related education by using the tech. Isn’t it exciting? Let me introduce you with another impressive feature of cloud computing, which is- you can also encrypt your data by this method so that an unauthorized break-down will not occur.

2. Speech to Text

This feature is also a trending type of tech education. You can speak, and artificial intelligence (AI) will detect your voice. After discovering the sentence or word that you are uttering, it will convert your speech to text. So, it’s now elementary to deliver the address in text format, and you need not type them.

For this type of tech education, you can save your valuable time and effort. All the smart devices and operating system come with the feature. So, you can take it as a blessing from technology.

3. Virtual Assistance

Like the speech to text AI, there is another unique AI, which is virtual assistance. Virtual assistance will help you to talk with it, and it will give you your result with the help of the internet. Again, assistance can keep your persona data safe in the storage. You can set the alarm, take note, make a reminder. Play songs, and many more.

With the help of virtual assistance, tech education is much more interesting nowadays. So, use it for educational purposes and make your order like a boss.

4. Analytics

Statistics and analytics have differences among them. Analytics can analyze the data and can present to you brief details of your learning outcome. There are much-advanced analytics systems available in the tech world, and google analytics is one of them. You can take a course from google to learn more about the analytics, and it will help you in the future. This is a trending tech education type these days.


  1. What are the examples of tech education?

– I can share with you some best tech education examples like SOCRATIVE, SELFCAD, ADOBE SPARK VIDEO, GOOGLE CLASSROOM, and GOFORMATIVE.

  1. What are the tech education websites?

– There is a verse number of tech education websites that may help you to get knowledge. You can learn and share your knowledge there. Some popular websites are- Udemy, Lynda, Skillshare.

Additional Tips on Educational Technology

You can follow some other tips to sharpen your tech education skills. The tips are as follow-

  • Take a good internet connection and make an educative environment at home.
  • Use a digital reader or tablet to be flexible with the data.
  • You can practice 3D paintings, which can increase the skill of digital art.
  • Try to use cloud technology best of it.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, you have understood what you are going to miss in this advanced world. From now, no more missing as you have the opportunity to take part and be a part of tech education.

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