Disadvantages of computer for students and all things

We know that every creation has merits and demerits. Today we know about such a theme. So, let’s start. One of the most important inventions among all invention is the computer which we view or use in today’s generation in this world. But the computer got various kind of disadvantages to it.The computer has made the work easier which would take the days, weeks or months to finish manually. But after the invention of the computer, the work is done with the click of a button by various software. The Grand Father of computer is Charles Babbage.

We know that there are so many advantages of Computer but, With the blessing, computers have a few demerits in our lives. There are a few disadvantages of computer. Let’s see that:

A few discussion about the disadvantage of computer

The computer has been the major issue due to which there ascend several kinds of problems. The most relevant disadvantages are:

The disadvantage of Computer for students

In general, a computer is a necessary part of student life to know the study-related information. In this generation, student prefers the internet for projects, notes and for homework. Also for the programming language computer is badly needed thing. But with these advantages, there has some negative effect on the students. They are:

Disadvantages of Computer for Students
Disadvantages of Computer for Students
  • By using computer students nowadays distract from their actual studies.
  • The computer got countless kind of applications and programs in it such as games, internet browsers, etc. and these attract students to use the computer continuously but mostly it is seen in the youngster’s and growing up children’s.
  • Extinct use of computer many students got their eye problems.
  • By doing unproductive things in the computer they ignore their studies.
  • Decreases use of manual exertions in students.
  • Lack of truthfulness among students.

The disadvantage of Computer for children

Computer technology changed the method which we deal with the world. It permitting us to communicate more proficiently. Today’s generations are growing up with this technology. Primarily in education and for the information we find the benefit by using it. But it also the deleterious to children during the most important time of growth. But, there are more Advantages of ICT for Children they should learn ICT details.

Excessive use of Computer may cause the physiological health problem of children’s. Sometimes they behave like autistic children.

Disadvantages of computer technology in education

There are many problems with the use of computer technology in education. The main disadvantage of using this technology in education are:

  • Insufficient approaches to teaching
  • Altering learners into ineffective learners
  • Misguided by the incorrect information
  • In the education system, smartphones are available with all its progressive features and direct internet availability which force them to use it without any stresses.
  • Nowadays to keep equal speed with technology mentors busy in educating the students with its online education tools instead of communicating vocally that makes them qualify to cooperate with their teachers and share their problems willingly to overcome it.
  • Ill effects on education cause one can easily divert to other things.

Disadvantages of computer essay

The most necessary and most important inventions are Computer. But with the advantageous use of Computer, there are so many disadvantages to using it. The disadvantage of Computer network is the reason to hamper for leading the normal life.

  • People become lazy because of the services that the computer had provided them.
  • Distract from their work because of other applications like the game, internet browser and other unusual software’s.
  • People divert to Computer nowadays as a result of the culture of our society at the way of extinction.

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Disadvantages of computer in education

The boundless information which provides computer has a negative impact on students and disadvantages unswervingly related to computer usage in institutions for higher eduthe cation.

  • The students may use computers to imitate or cheat
  • Maximum children spend more and more time playing games on the computer that affect their education.
  • Students, children’s waste their time by watching movies or YouTube videos on Computer. As a result, students lose their skill in verbal and nonverbal.
  • Sitting in front of a computer for a long time may affect the eyes and health problem of a student which may indirectly effect on education.
  • Publicity to unsuitable content is available on social sites which may have an undesirable impact on students as well as education.

The 10 disadvantages of using computer

  • Extinction of good handwriting and spelling skill.
  • Waste of time when we do the unproductive activities.
  • Long-time uses of activities in Computer cause the health problem like poor blood circulation, insomnia, headache, poor eyesight, depression, etc.
  • Become inactive in social life those who are addicted by Computer especially youth generations.
  • Terrorists do unsocial activities by using it.
  • Online Cyber Crimes.
  • Virus and hacking attacks problem.
  • Crashed networks.
  • Information and Data violation.
  • Spread of violence, revulsion.

Final words

As though there are so many disadvantages here but you know that every creation has merits and demerits. The merits and demerits depending on the uses of the user. There are so many advantages to Computer. All sphere of life we see the merits of computer; such as education, technology, medical, industry-business, etc.

Is there any space where we don’t see the advantages of a computer? You will don’t find any space I think. If you get such space then enlighten me. Hope you have already got the information regarding the demerits of the computer.

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