Difference between Star Topology and Tree Topology

Star topology is a topology in which each node has two or more links to other nodes. In contrast, tree topology is a topology in which each node has one link to other nodes.

A star topology is a type of network topology where each device in the network is connected to a central hub or router. It is often used in a home network because it is easy to set up and maintain. On the other hand, a tree topology is a more complex type of network topology where each device is connected to several other devices. This allows you to connect more devices to your network than you would with a star topology.

S.No. Star Topology Tree Topology
1 The Star Topology kind of topology where the nodes are linked to the hub, or router. The Tree Topology refers to a kind of topology where each node is organized according to the shape of a tree.
2 In star topology the communication between nodes is done through a central node i.e. hub, router or hub. In tree topology the communication between nodes is done via branching cables that do not have loops.
3 The complex nature is in the Star topology is actually very simple. It is a complex matter Tree topology is quite complicated.
4 It is less than that of tree topology. The price associated with tree topology will be very high because it is a densely wired.
5 Star topology is also referred to as a star network. Topology of trees can also be described in the context of hierarchical topology.
6 Star topology is commonly used in LANs to set up and modifications are simple. Tree topology is utilized in WAN.


In conclusion,  the main difference between the star and tree topologies is the number of links. In the star topology, each node has at least 2 links and in the tree topology, each node has only 1 link. The tree topology is preferred for applications that require the highest reliability and availability. It’s important to be able to recognize when a solution is appropriate for a given problem. For example, in some cases, the best approach is to use a star topology, while in other cases, you need to use a tree topology. The key to making this decision is to understand the problem you are trying to solve.

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