Difference between Shall and Will

Difference Between Shall And Will With Examples Details

My dear all friend and student now I am sharing one of the most important parts of modal verbs Difference between shall and will. Shall and will are two important useable English modal verbs. we use casual these two modals verbs They have several uses, inclusive the expressions of the proposal regarding the future. In fact, it is part of Tense

Actually, we use the future tense of English. When stating pure futurity shall be to be used when the subject was in the first person, and will in another case. While we express pure futurity when we have to use shall/will.

when the subject is the first person, in other cases use will. The conventional rule for that will and shall. The ‘Shall’ modal verbs have to use with first-person pronouns (such as I and we) to method the future tense, while will modal verbs have to use with second and third-persons formulae (such as youhesheitthey) etc.

Examples of shall and will

For example: ‘shall’

I shall be a university teacher.

We shall be speaking like a native speaker.

I shall go to late my room

I shall be love you.

I shall help the poor when I earn much money.

For example, ‘Will’

She will go to school after 10 am

They will go to a new market tomorrow.

It will be very beautiful

They will have helped him

They will have completed the work by this time.

Exactly use of shall and will

We all acquainted about the two words ‘will’ and ‘shall’. Actually, we are used in the case of the future tense, to indicate somewhat which has not incident yet. But it is going to an incident in the coming time place. Many folks don’t know where we will be able to use these helping verbs properly in the sentences.

Basically, we use shall and will in the future indefinite tense, Future continuous tense, Future Perfect Tense and Future Perfect Continuous tense.

While ‘will’ is primarily used when you give an instruction, publicize, order, suggest something, a decision or to express willingness to do something.

For example: will we go to the new market?

Will you have helped him?

On the other side, ‘shall’ is used in space of will, while we ask something initially with action, to know the desire of other people. Let’s see the example then be clear.

For example: Shall I cut the tree.?

Shall I complete the work for my company?

Shall vs will

Many people tell that you there is no diverge among shall and will. that today nobody doesn’t use shall (excepting in offers time such as Shall I call a car?). This is not actually correct. The change amid shall and will is often unseen by the fact that while we usually conversation other people in speaking use just with. certainly, the variance does exist.

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Difference between shall and will with the comparison chart

There are two conjunctions for the will verbs. This is the fact:

1st conjunction (simple statement and objective of fact)
person verb example contraction
I shall I’ll I shall be in Canada tomorrow.
we shall We shan’t we shall not be there when you go.
you will You’ll You will see the large hill.
He, she, it will He’ll He will be wearing white
You will You’ll you will find his office on the 6th floor
They Will They’ll They will arrive late


2nd conjunction (strong assertion, subjective, promise or command)
person verb example contraction
I will I’ll I will do everything for my family
we will We shan’t We will not interfere.
you shall You’ll You shall be sorry for this.
He, she, it shall He’ll It shall be done.
You shall You’ll You shall do as you’re told
They shall They’ll They shall give one month’s notice

2nd conjunction (strong assertion, subjective, promise or command)

Use of Will

While indicating future tense we use will with the main verbs. It is generally used to understand desire, order, request, intend, intention, capacity or the habit of an individual. Its expressions what is going to happen or predicting something in the future time. Moreover, while we give somethings order or declare for bringing when we use will modal verb. we’ll explain about usages it will with an example:

  1. We can use will while we discuss present time future talking, commonly those actions for which you are quite sure or when it is planned and what is about to ensue:
  • The bus will reach at 4 AM
  • He will do the work you in the next 15 minutes.
  • I will go to India tomorrow.

 2. When we expression which owns propose, request, desire or capable of doing, in this case, have to use will modals verbs:

  • We will give you money to start your commercial.
  • I will give you the job within two days.

3. To request Something we can use the will modal:

  • Will you help me with this matter?
  • Will you allow me to talk to him?
  1. 4. When we give orders or commands somethings matter:
  • Will I stop annoy her?
  • Will they behave good?

5.When used with the third person, it shows habit:

  • She will dance in front of the population.

Use of Shall

Shall is considered as being a modal verb. which can use only be with me and us. By the way, analyzing by the English language we can say it is used to be with other persons as well.

The word is ‘shall’ can be used in the exchange for the word ‘will’. When we are a conversation with another about a future, incident and prospect, with the first person, that is: I and we.

Moreover, when we speak about strong purposes, such as obligation, promise, instruction then we can use shall, with the second, i.e. (you, he, she, it and they). Here and now we’ll discuss its usage, with instances:

  1. To talk around the future:
  • I shall never forgive Moni.
  • We shall be slapping her if she doesn’t stop backbite about me.
  • My mother shall be celebrating our 3rd marriage anniversary next year.
  1. To give a suggestion or to ask somethings:
  • Shall we go and visit Jamuna future park today?
  • Shall we start dinner?
  • With Whom shall I discuss my problem?
  1. To offer something:
  • Shall we get to you some money?
  • Shall see your picture, please?

Finally, we are hopeful that, you all can get from here all information about usage two important modals shall and will.

You will be able to shall and will where is used properly and individually. we are sharing Difference between shall and will modals about usages with several examples. If you want to know properly about ‘shall and will’. How to make a sentence by shall and will, of course, you will get from here. Please, you know your opinion about this article at the comment box.

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