Difference between Has and Had

Has VS Had | Difference between has and had with examples

English Grammar Tense is an important part and has and had is a verb of Tense. There are some difference between has and had. Actually, has is the singular form of the third-person of verb and is had is the form of perfect tense are both also perfect tense.

We have to know correctly 12 basic tense examples with structures without knowledge of tense we can’t make good sentence. Has and had is a types of the tense so, everyone have to learn about them.

What the definition is of ‘has and had’?

Has definition: It is the 3rd-person singular present form of the present perfect tense. It is a transitive verb because it requires a direct subject and also one or more objects. Generally, has we used in a sentence with “He, She and It”.

For examples

He has won the match against Johnson.

Riya has gone to University.

Had definition: You have had it, you mean that you are very tired of something about it. And do not want to continue doing it. On the other hand, ‘Had’ is the past tense of the transitive verb ‘has’. Basically, it is the third person past tense singular and the verb of ‘have’ past participle form.

For examples:

They had played.

We had worked in the field.

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What is the difference between has and had?

Everyone will get in these post full details about the difference between ‘has and had’ with examples.  Here, you can get definition of ‘has and had’ so, stay with us.

Difference between has and had with comparison Chart

There are some difference between had and has with meaning, verbs, pronouns, examples and also has given below by a comparison chart.

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Examples of ‘has and had’


  • He has done his personal work.
  • Jim has given a a pencil to me.
  • He has already completed his examination.
  • She has a bag for her personal use.


  • I had lived in New York before moving to Texas
  • When she had told us the story, we listened to him carefully.
  • I had gone out before John came.
  • Had I not done the task?

Negative Contractions

  • Has not – hasn’t
  • Had not – hadn’t

Now, we can say, has is the third person singular of present perfect and had is the Past perfect tense of the all form of use.

Thanks for reading I think this post will be helpful for knowing details about the difference between Has and Had.

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