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Difference Between Growth And Development

Growth and development is an effective word increasing you. Do you know what the difference between Growth and Development is?

Basically, there are some similarities between growth and development.  Growth and development are one of the most important parts for the teachers and their parents.

What is Growth?

Growth is the improving increase in the size or parts of a child. Indeed, when a child is increasing by their size and fitness and by the weather that is called Growth.

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What is Development?

Development is a process of various skills like as speaking, expressing the feelings, head support, and relating with other persons.

Otherwise, it can be said, it is a process that creates positive change or the addition of physical, environmental, economic, demographic components and social.

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What is the difference between growth and development

This post will help you to know the difference and similarities between Growth and Development. This all about Growth VS Development are.

Difference type Growth Development
Changes It is the change of physical hereafter of the organism Development is changes overall and progressive changes of the organism.
Typical Growth is cellular Development is organizational
Body of plants It is the change of form, structure, shape, and size of the human body. It is structural change and functional progress of the body
included Development includes growth Growth is a part of the development
Numerical Growth is quantitative Development is qualitative
Process Growth is the process of development, but, not running It is a long-life process

Growth can’t be good for particular criteria but, Development more often indicates a positive attitude.

Similarities between Growth and Development in all things

Difference between Growth and Development
Difference between Growth and Development

Anyway, I think you have got more ideas about the difference between Growth and Development.

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