Difference between GDP and GNP

Difference between GDP and GNP with details

To define the economic condition of a nation or a country, GDP and GNP is an important parameter. Even it is useful to make the order to global position to a country. Everyone can get here about the difference between GDP and GNP. Market value and the possibility to get an interested investor depends on these two things. In a sense, both are related but not similar.

Interestingly all the differences are mention to a different scope of a country. Analysis of the difference is the clue to new business possibilities. Let us try to understand both of those things and all the distinguishes.

Understanding the notion of GDP and GNP

First of all, let’s understand the GDP and GNP below.

  • GDP: Simon Kuznets is known as the father of the modern GDP concept. He brings the term in 1934 publicly and in 1944 it got accepted by the US government. This is stands for Gross Domestic Product. All about this means, the production (or payable service) in a certain geographical location at a certain time. GDP can count from a certain area even from a country.
  • GNP: American people became familiar with GNP from 1991. This stands for the Gross national product. GNP mention to all production and economy rate of nobody, only the people of a country. In a country if someone or some company from different countries are making profit then those will not be counted in this list.

Both variables are directly related to the current condition of the market. None of the countries does have the constant condition of either of those variables.

What is the difference between GDP and GNP?

This sounds like GDP and GNP is stands for the point. This is true all the parameter both of variable use are pretty same. But still, there are a lot of distinguished. Have a look below.

Foreign relation

Foreign relations and exchange are included with GDP. The major reason is GDP is included with local and foreign company’s profit. So this is the reason when some company is getting the move to have their business to another country, they need to study about GDP. That mention how safe economic condition that country has for other company.

In fewer cases, they look at GNP too. As an example, if they want to county how much labor cost or product cost will be taken in that country, they analyze the GNP.

Use & Effectively

Both GNP and GDP are not used all are similar. To mention the global status or country ranking, people use to county GDP. This is the current standard to count the efficient order of a different country.

On the other hand, if you want to make an efficient business mechanism, you need to pay more attention to GNP. That will mention you about the local transport, labor, and product cost. On similar case GDP mention about the overall development of the local and foreign company.


So who is responsible for both GDP and GNP? Firstly all the things are not similar. Local government, local business, foreign and local investment, both foreign and local technology and other things are responsible for GDP.

The scenario is different on GNP. Local government, local investor and service seller are responsible to make GNP. There is no contribution of foreign investment or exchange.

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GDP used to analyze the inner condition and business possibility of a country. At the same time, people also pay attention to now about GNP. But GDP got the priority here.

On the other hand, after established the company, to make the company mechanism, the GNP analysis becomes important. This analysis will also clear which step will be going to make future betterment and profitable step. So all the analysis part is not similar for all the case

Those foreign companies who move to other countries for business, they obey some principle first. Analysis of the current economic condition, GDP and GNP of the targeted country is the first principle. So this is an important material for people who are interested in foreign exchange or direct business.

So many ways are used in the world currently to explain both things. Like graph, vector, number line and others. But everywhere this got importance to make clear the data of it. it will make your investment risk free, and help to take future steps smoothly.

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