Clubhouse vs. Discord: What’s the Difference 2

Clubhouse vs. Discord: What’s the Difference

Social media has become a powerful medium that lets people communicate easily no matter where they are located and helps businesses grow and generate more leads. Of course, Facebook and Twitter have always been favorites, but over the years, new platforms have emerged, such as TikTok, where people can entertain themselves by watching 60-second videos of different creators. Then there is Instagram which you can use to see what your friends are up to. Recently, two different platforms have emerged that are making quite a buzz these days. And they are Clubhouse and Discord!


Almost everyone who has heard of Clubhouse wants to get access to the app. But what is it that has got the entire world so excited about it? Well, it is an audio-based platform that is used by podcasters, motivators, athletes, and famous celebrities such as Serena Williams and Elon Musk. The thing about this app is that not everyone can join it. The app put a limit to the number of invitations that you can send. Every user can invite up to just two members only. You will be allowed to invite one person after you have registered on the app. And the second invite will be unlocked based on how actively you are using the platform.


Originally for gamers, Discord is now slowly becoming more and more popular after the audio feature that makes it easier for people to interact on the app. People can stream their gameplay on the app and can build a community with whom you can share your gaming content. Also, people can create different servers on Discord. And when they do, they can send a special link to their friends, which will help them become members of that server. What’s great about the app is that you can hover between audio and messaging channels or can use both to communicate with your friends or your following.

Features of Clubhouse That Lack In the Other Platform

As stated earlier, Clubhouse is the latest social media platform that is designed around a unique audio-based format. After you receive your invite, you will have access to explore different rooms where you can either listen or participate in discussions about different topics that can range from world affairs to mental health. Your favorite artists might be hosting a room in which you can visit and listen to what they are talking about. Also, do note that the app doesn’t record the room discussion. Discord, on the other hand, is equipped with a real-time option to use voice channels. You will only be able to use the feature when you and your friends are available on the server.

On Clubhouse, you will pick the conversations that you want to become a part of. You will do so by looking at the topics and the people that you are following. Moreover, you will easily be able to see which conversations are currently taking place and what discussions are scheduled to be held soon. This will help you to plan out your evening accordingly. Whereas on Discord, there is no such event. Also, nothing is set up in advance. It all just happens spontaneously when you find your friends on the server.

What Can Discord Do That Clubhouse Can’t?

Although you will need an invite to become a member of different channels on Discord. However, it is not that exclusive as Clubhouse. People can easily find Discord in their app store and can download it. Plus, it is super easy to make an account on the app. You can connect with fellow gamers and friends on different servers. While on Clubhouse, each member can only invite two more members. This limitation is not for Discord users, and they can invite as many to join their server as they wish.

Let’s now talk about the rooms in Clubhouse. You should know that they are temporary, similar to a panel at Comic-Con which means that one moment they are here, and by the next, they are not. These rooms just exist at a particular time before they vanish. However, on Discord, the discussion spaces don’t just evaporate into thin air. They are going to be there always. Also, the good thing about servers is that they can be split into multiple channels, which you can then use for different purposes.

The Similarity Between the Two

The clubhouse was created with the idea of making live chat rooms the major feature of the app where people can gather and talk about trending topics. Also, with major celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and Drake joining the platform, this app has become more buzzworthy than it was before. On the other hand, Discord was created to allow gamers to chat as they play. No matter how different the purpose of these two apps is, it doesn’t mean that the two don’t have any similarities.

Both Clubhouse and Discord are about connecting large groups of people so that they may interact in real-time. Also, you can use both applications to verbally chat with one another. Discord’s audio function is relatively new, which saw a 50% spike when quarantine began. Also, do remember that these two apps will require you to have a stable internet connection to use them seamlessly. So, it will be a good idea to check out different ISPs plans like Optimum internet plans and subscribe to the one that you think will best meet your needs.

Room for Improvement

Clubhouse and Discord are two great apps, but there is some room for improvement which the developers can ponder upon. For Clubhouse, allowing a limited number of invites makes sense as the platform wants to ensure the quality of conversations. However, the question is, how will they check the inclusivity of voices? Also, the no recording feature is understandable as it makes conversations more valuable, but still, there needs to be a transcript for those with hearing impairment.

Let’s now talk about Discord. The app doesn’t have a group feature on the mobile version, and it is only present on the desktop. Threads can get messy super quick, making it harder to follow the conversation.


Both platforms are highly useful that are very much capable of taking their audience’s needs. However, the way they incentivize the creators and how they start communications between the creators and followers will be interesting to see as their battle continues.


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