Classification of Computers

Classification of Computers according to functionality, size, Type and purpose

The computer is an important thing in our daily lives. A computer is an electronic device. It’s generated useful output information when the input is given to it by the user. In this article, we are going to show you Classification of Computers step by step. These Computers are classified by determining the Functionality, Type, Size and Purpose.

There are the various types of computers accessible nowadays. The function of computer is to process the data with information and generates output to the clients. In any case, the strategies or methods used by these computers to measure and handle with the information might be unique.

Here we classified the computer from the following criteria:

  • Types of Computer/ according to functionality
  • What are the 3 categories of computer?
  • Classification of computers by size.
  • What are the 5 Classification of Computer?
  • What are the 7 types of computer?
  • classification of computer according to purpose

Examples of computer software

Types of Computers: Classification of Computers according to functionality

This is the first part of Classification of Computers. Here we going to know about different types of computers and their function. There are 3 types of computer according to function (Analog, Digital, and Hybrid Computers).

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What are the 3 categories of computer?

On the basis of the operation performed to store data information, computers can be classified into the following categories.

classification of computers by type
classification of computers by type

Analog Computers

An Analog computer is performing duties to using continuous data. These computers represent variables by physical quantities. Analog computers are fundamentally used to gauge actual units which solved voltage, pressure, electric flow, temperature, and convert them into digits.

These computers are very fast in their operations to be carried and a powerful tool to solve differential equations. The productivity of this computer increases, when we get the consequence of the information as diagrams analog Computers can’t store measurements.

Digital Computer

A Digital computer represents physical quantities with the help of digits and numbers. These numbers are used to perform Mathematics calculations and made logical decision to reach a conclusion, depending on, the data they receive from the user.

The digital computer is also known as the Digital Data processing system. It’s performs such as addition, occurrence, multiplication, or calculations as well as logical operations. It can also perform organize and analyze data, control industrial and other processes such as global weather patterns. These types of computer that stores and processes data in the digital form, usually in the binary 0 or 1 system.

Hybrid Computer

A hybrid computer is a combination of analog and digital computer which built for using both data by a single control system. It encompasses the best features of both Analog and Digital computers. This computer is capable of inputting those signals and converts them to digital form.

The purpose of designing this computer is to provide functions and features that could found on both devices. It made to solve extremely complex calculations or problems. These computer system setup offers a cost-effective method of performing complex simulations. These computers are mostly used in very large industries, organizations, and business firms.

Classification of Computers by Size

These is the second part of classifications of computer. According to size, computer has four types of classifications by size. Which is Micro Computer/ PC (Personal Computer), Mini Computer, Main Frame Computer and Super Computer.

What are the 5 Classification of Computers?

On the basis of the operation by size, let’s meet the 5 Classifications of computer which classified by the following categories.

Micro Computer or PC (Personal Computer)

Microcomputers are small, relatively cheap computer for a single user. It is built with a microprocessor, a storage unit and minimal I/O circuitry, which mounted on a single printed circuit board. Micro Computer has introduced in the early 60’s having less storing space and processing speed.

Microcomputers are also called personal computers (PCs). The word length of a microcomputer is 8-32 bits (word length means number of bits). These can be performed difficult task and used for general purpose like calculations, industrial control, home appliances and project management. This microcomputer has two types- Desktops and Portables.

Mini Computer

A minicomputer is a mid-size computer, which was first introduced in the year 1960. Digital Equipment Corporations (DEC) has described the minicomputer with the transistor and core memory technologies. These were called minicomputers because of their smaller size than the other computers. It is a multi-user computer system, capable of supporting from 4 to about 100 users simultaneously.

A Minicomputers are faster and more powerful than microcomputers. The word length of minicomputer is 32 bits. These computers can be performed more complex tasks and used for payroll preparation, controlling and monitoring production.

Work Station

These computers designed to primarily to be single user computer system. It’s also similar to a personal computer. However, this computer has more powerful microprocessor. They run multi-user operating systems. The workstation is just a generic term for a user’s machine in contrast to a “server” or “mainframe.”

Main Frame Computer

A mainframe computer is a very large computer and most expensive then microcomputer or minicomputers.  Theses is largest and the speediest computer are called mainframe computers. The mainframe computers are capable of handling and processing very large amounts of data in few moments.

These computers are capable of supporting hundreds or even thousands of users simultaneously at the same time. The Main Frame computer are more powerful than minicomputers. The word length of mainframe computer is 48, 60 or 64 bits. This computer has used in research organizations, government organizations, large industries and business purpose, banks and airline reservations where needed large database.

Super Computer

A Super Computer is fastest and most powerful type of computer can be performed complex operations at a very high speed. These super computer was first presented by Seymour Cray at Control Data Corporation (CDC). The Supercomputers are very expensive than other computers and are employed for specialized applications.  This computer requires immense amounts of mathematical calculations.

To operate these types of computer, need high level operating system like Linux. It’s the highest performing system. These are the largest and fastest computers than other. The word length is 64-96 bit. It has a number of CPUs which operate in parallel to make it faster. The Super computer used in the fields of science and defense, weather forecasting, designing and launching missiles, biomedical research, aircraft design and automobile design for massive data processing and solving.

Classification of Computers according to purpose

There are many needs of computer that are designed for a different purpose so that computers can perform according to their capabilities. On the basis of different purpose, computers can be classified into the following categories:

General Purpose Computer

General purpose computers are designed to use for all general needs of all environments and users. These computers are versatile and can be performed a variety of jobs all types of environment. A personal computer (PC) that is capable of calculating accounts data, designing broachers, preparing students result, writing letters or accessing Internet is a general-purpose computer.

Special purpose computers

Special purpose computers are designed to use specially designed to perform a specific environment. The special purpose computer is not versatile. These computers are designed for performing a particular task and cannot perform another task. A computer designed to display the path and trajectory of a missile and it has been designed to count the telephone call pulses. We cannot use it for playing games, designing and word processing.

What are the 7 types of computers?

On the basis of different types of computers, here we mention 7 types of computers.

  • Micro controller
  • Mainframe
  • Server Computer
  • Workstation Computer
  • Personal Computer or PC
  • Smartphone
  • Supercomputer

A Computers differ based on data processing abilities. We hope the brief information of Classification of Computers will help you. For any kind of question comment us.

Classification of Computers- FAQs

What exactly do you mean when you say classification?

In general, classification is the process of sorting items into groups based on certain characteristics. When it comes to computers, classification usually refers to dividing them into categories based on their size, capacity, and purpose. Why is it important to classify computers? There are a few reasons.

The act or process of classifying is called classification..

What are the different types of computer classifications?

The four most common computer classifications are:





What is the difference between classification and types?

Classification is when you divide things into categories. This makes it easier to find and organize them.

What is the purpose of classification?

It is easier to understand diversity when we break it down into manageable pieces.

What are the different classifications for computers?

They are split into categories depending on what they’re supposed to be used for, how data is managed, and their capabilities.

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