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Been VS Being | Difference Between Been And Being With Examples

Users feel confused to select a sentence will be been or being. You will get here Been VS Being with examples details. There are some differences between been and being that you will get here details.

Definition of Been and Being

Been: ‘Be’ is an occasional verb that is used in the form of sentences with Prepositions. Been is used to outline some information about the subject, that is not present but from earlier.

It is used later have like any form of has, had, will have, having, etc.

Being: being is used usually, when an action is doing in the present continuous, past continuous form of Tense. Sometimes the word being may be used as a Noun.

It is used to be like am, is, are, was and were.

Difference between been and being with examples

We should know about the difference between being and been because we are all learners. Sometimes we feel hesitation to select one. Here has given all the things about these words been and being.

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Difference between have been and has been

Examples of Been

  • I have been working
  • He has been in Chicago for four years.
  • The room has not been washed for months.
  • They have been playing table tennis for three hours.
  • I have been reading since morning.

Examples of Being

  • Counted the time being on this planet to the total time
  • Do you like being so scientist?
  • I am being sick more.
  • John was being careful.
  • Okay, but I don’t like being kept in the dark about these things

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Been VS Being with the comparison chart

Being vs been with comparison chart details in another way has given below.

MeaningIt is the past participle form of the verb "be"It is the present participle form of the verb "be"
Parts of SpeechJust VerbVerb and Noun
used with verbHas, Have and HadWas, Were, Am, Is and Are
PrepositionsBeen is not use with prepositionsBeing is used with Prepositions
Examples Has it been Written
Something has been done.
You have to be someone established beside being educated.
It was bWas anything being done?eing Written
I have been completing graduation before two years ago.

Actually, we can use the word ‘being’ with prepositions but, ‘been’ is never used with prepositions. Thank you for listening here about the difference between been and being.

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