Specific Examples of Technology in Education system

Examples of Technology in education

There is no doubt, that education is a backbone of a nation. Every nation tries provide best education system for developing their nations. In this digital world technology is one of the best parts for a developing nation. There are more Examples of technology in Education for us. Many more countries added technological education system … Read more

American Education System Problems | Education in America

American education system problems

A long time ago, American people planned a proper education system to satisfy the economic needs of the organic upset. Quick forward to now and, with the current global financial atmosphere, it appears to be evident that the now saved up education system can’t address the issues of our hyper-associated society – Common people that … Read more

Intel Optane Memory VS SSD (Solid State Drive)

Intel Optane Memory VS SSD (Solid State Drive) 1

Introduction: This era is the era of globalization and modern science. Without using a single contribution to contemporary science, a person can never ratify his/her life smoothly. However, it was an ancient time for the computer history when Charles Babbage made the first model of a computer but rhetorically, there was no Optane Memory VS … Read more

Classification of Computers according to functionality, size, Type and purpose

Classification of Computers

The computer is an important thing in our daily lives. A computer is an electronic device. It’s generated useful output information when the input is given to it by the user. In this article, we are going to show you Classification of Computers step by step. These Computers are classified by determining the Functionality, Type, … Read more

Simple Future Tense With Examples

Simple future tense

This future tense is used to refer to indicate an action, event or condition that will be happening in the future. Simple Future Tense is a part of Future tense. Example:   He will do the work. They will go to college. I shall be reading all night. There are four kinds of the future tense. … Read more

Future Continuous Tense with examples

There are different forms of the verb, these verbs are called the tense. In future continuous tense by verbs, we know that when the action actually happened. The future continuous tense referred to the action or event or work that will not finish i.e. ongoing and that will be in evolution at a period later … Read more

Prepositions | Definition & Types with Examples and Use

Preposition Examples

Preposition definition Preposition is a word such as “in”, “after”, “before”, “in”, “on” etc. that indicates the linking, a noun and other elements or words of a sentence. Prepositions tie nouns, pronouns and phrases to other words in a clause. They assist us to realize direction, time influences, and situations. According to “Oxford Dictionaries”, Preposition … Read more