advantages and disadvantages of Social Media

Advantages and disadvantages of Social media

Social media is an important platform of the internet communication. I will describe about here the advantages and disadvantages of Social media with details. Everyone is getting update regularly with features firstly by the social networks.

In this world, what is happening and where is happening, these all everything’s we can get in 1 or 2 minutes by the strong social media. We can share any video, images, pdf and also documents with others. For that it has most important some advantages but, there are some disadvantages of Social media.

Top 10 Advantages and disadvantages of Social media

There are many social media networks in the worlds like the most are Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Skype etc.

It can be a useful tool for increasing your business marketing, carrying advantages like as engaging with your viewers and boosting website visitors. But, there can also be disadvantages, like the resources required and negative response. Here, these advantages and disadvantages can help you to decide the best approach to social media.

Advantages of social media

In the digital world, we need to communicate with others every day and every time for our business and other’s purpose. So, there is most importance of Communication and for communicating social media has a great opportunity. Now, let’s see top 10 advantages of Social media with details.

Advantages of Social Media
Advantages of Social Media

1.  For education

Social media network is giving a great opportunity for us. If we think, presently every student are using internet because, there are more advantages of internet. Rising of social sites and a general attention in the students have attracted helpfulness to the use of the internet tools to develop distance education. For studying it is a good way like as sharing PDF, image and E-book in a social site or discus any topics of educational any topics with others. Just you need to the connection of Internet and have to use Social media. Everyone can group study by the social media. So, in this present world it brings a great revolution.

2.  Lowest or effective cost

For any communication like Fax, telephone, sending letter you have to spend some money. But, if you use social media for communication so, it is very cheap for you. Not only communication you can use it in multi-work.

Besides, it can be very cheaper cost than traditional advertising activities. The costs of maintaining a social media attendance are insignificant. If you select to invest in paid promotion, you can spend as much or as little budget agrees.

3.     World wide Networks connection

If you are looking for a former University roommate, your first score teacher, or a global friend, no easier way to type a connection occurs than social media.

Although Skype, Facebook, Viber, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and skyrock are maybe the most well-known social media communities, new websites are exploding up often that let people connect over the Internet.

Individuals can create new friends with each of these social networks, develop business connections or range their personal base by connecting with friends of families or friends which can have a increasing result. Besides, this networks can helps also some like as.

  • Looking a new good job
  • Searching new Drama or Movie
  • Giving and getting huge product and service appointments
  • Finding assistance
  • Getting support from like-minded persons
  • Receiving career or personal advice
  • Getting any news just search
  • Sharing political any wrong things.

4.     Getting News and Information

We used to communicate with others on email and chats messengers such Yahoo, AOL, skype and MSN. If you want to get instant news just into 1 minute in the whole world so, let’s start any effective social media site.

All those IMs tools were typically one to one communication. But in Social networking places, communication can be one-to-many rapidly. Now, we do not go any websites for looking news or reading newspaper. But, we are using huge amount of time for reading and getting news via social networking sites like twitter, Linkedin, Facebook etc.

5.    From Recharge Audience

At present, in the whole world huge amount of people are using Social media platforms. It’s a useful and best system for increasing your business. In the year of 2020, 3.5 billion people are using Social media networks.

From a recharge center, there are percentages of US audience who are using social media sites via online or smartphone.

  • First one YouTube: 73%
  • Second site Facebook: 68%
  • Third site Instagram: 35%
  • Fourth site Pinterest: 29%
  • Fifth site Snapchat: 27%
  • Sixth site Linkedin: 25%
  • And Seventh site Twitter: 24%

These all social networking site are the most popular of the world. But, there are also huge Social networking site that everyone using every day.

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6.    For developing any business exchange of Ideas

Top level social networking sites is an effective way to exchange of the different ideas. We can create a strong marketing via social sites like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. These are very useful to collect comments and good feedback.

One can create a page or group then share with more friends in fact, you have to invite huge amount of people of your business area. Then, you will get an effective feedback for your business.

7.     Anyone can create viral news

Probably the most creative advantage of social media is the aptitude to get help from your facebook/twitter/Linkedin or others networks followers. Any topics or any bad things can share with the followers for that media will proclaim that as news. Someone loves to share any things with their network area, from recipes, photos or videos to interesting any hot deals.

8.    Use social media networks for Free

It is one of the best opportunities that you won’t get another place. You can use Social media for free to start. Besides, there are paid advertising option for growing your business and taking more audience.

9.     First information spreads for sharing anything with others

It is an important think that all information like as news, video, missing person that’s all information you cover in the world very fast. Anything you can share instantly with another user of social networks. A million of people recently are sharing their file, image, news and other things thus the way.

10. Drive Traffic to your business or service website

Basically, social networks are a great way to drive your vistor to any business or service website. Most of the social media accept to your post with a link of your site. When i will create a site then you want to get traffic for that you can create a social sites any post then keep your link. After then, someone will click the link for going or taking your service.

Disadvantages of Social Media

If it has more advantages but, if has some disadvantages. Now, lets see here the details about the disadvantages of Social Media networks.

Disadvantages of Social Media
Disadvantages of Social Media
  1. Waste time: There is lots of time for wasting to browse social media. Basically, students are addicted and they waste their valuable time for using social media networks with unnecessary works. So, it is the great problem in our society.
  2. Data or site hacking: Some hackers are hacking a most useful and powerful social media page or account. For that, a business sector or a person faced problem. In fact, several private Linkedin, twitter and Facebook accounts have been hacked before and the hacker had sent materials that have affected the personal survives.
  3. Fake news: In fact, in the present world, we are using social media for reading news. As it is easy to share anything for that someone are sharing fake news. So, we get some fake news that’s harmful for society.
  4. Security problem: As security agencies have an access to people’s accounts, that’s make the privacy compromised. Naturally, you believe any sites but, when they wants your user ID, Password unknowingly you give after you face security problems.
  5. Cheating issues: Basically, most of the young people are using social media to purpose and marry or build up a relationship. But, they can’t know about him/her details because; they can’t talk face to face. After then they start to be wrong in their part and decision. So, maximum couples have cheated each other by giving fake image and showing feelings.

Anyway, we have shared more advantages and disadvantages of Social media networks. Besides, there are more disadvantages of social media like health problem, Fraud issues, Addiction and also. So, we have to be careful for using social networks.

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