A Village Doctor

Short Paragraph on A village doctor for Class Six to Ten

Short Paragraph on A village doctor for Class Six to Ten

  1.  What is a village doctor?
  2.  How much important a village doctor?
  3.  When he wakes up?
  4.  Is a village doctor have enough medicine?

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The man who gives medical treatment to the villagers is known as a village doctor. A village doctor is very important in society. Because he render a great service to the people when they fall ill. He is not well qualified. He doesn’t have a good schooling. He gathered experience by working under a qualified doctor in a medicine shop. In his dispensary there is one or two wooden chair, broken table, one or two Almeries, one or two benches. He works hard for the Villagers. His life is full of business. He wakes up early in the morning. He starts his work at 8.00 am. The villagers can find him when they call him from morning till late night he has been seen working. He couldn’t enjoy a peace and happiness. The village doctor in our country is not well qualified and doesn’t have enough medicine. He treatment the village people well and talk to them with sympathy.

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