A Road Accident

Short Paragraph on A Road Accident for Class Six to Ten

Short Paragraph on A Road Accident for Class Six to Ten


  1. What has become a common incident in Bangladesh?
  2.  What kind of accidents are occured?
  3.  Have you seen any accident?
  4.  What was your impression at that time?
  5.  Do all the drivers follow the traffic rules?


A road accident is a sudden and unexpected mishap on the roads. It has become a daily affair in our country. All most every day we hear the news of road accident. There are many causes behind it. Bangladesh is a small but over populated country. The roads of our country ore very narrow. Every year the population is increasing and the number of vehicles is also increasing but the number of the roads is the same. The drivers are not properly trained. They try to overtake the other vehicles. They do not follow the traffic rules. Sometimes they drive recklessly. Beside at the time of driving they talk over mobile or smoke. As a result road accident occurs very often. Road accident brings suffering to people. A lot of valuable lives are lost and many are injured. So to control road accident some preventive measures should be taken. The narrow road should be widen and more Fra flic police should be appointed. The driver must be trained and the faulty vehicles should be removed. Finally all should obey the rules of fro flic and the drivers should avoid over taking tendency. The government should punished those who violate Fra flic rule.

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