Paragraph on A Rickshaw Puller

A Short Paragraph on A Rickshaw Puller for Class 6-11

Here You will get A Short Paragraph on A Rickshaw Puller. Any student can use it for Class 6,7, 8,9,10-11. Also it will be updated regularly for your favor.

Paragraph on A Rickshaw Puller

Who is a rickshaw puller?
What does a rickshaw puller do?
How long does the work in a day?
How He passes his day?

A rickshaw puller is a person who pulls a rickshaw to earn his livelihood. He carries passengers from one place to another by his rickshaw. Rickshaw is found at the bus station, at the railway station, near the school, college, office. He is the common figure in town and cities. He gets up early in the morning and goes out with his Rickshaw. He pulls a rickshaw under the sun and in the rain. Sometimes he earns a lot and sometimes he earns a little. In bad weather he demands more and bargains with the passengers. On the festivals he also earns a lot. If he earns more, he becomes cheerful. But his life is full of problems. His life is full of sorrows and sufferings. A rickshaw puller leads a miserable life. He cannot send his children to a good School. During sickness he cannot go to outside to earn. As a result he along with his family starve. Sometimes he passes the days without food. When he becomes ill he cannot go to a good doctor. But a rickshaw puller is also a needed person in our society. We should have sympathy for them.

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