Lucrative Jobs for High School Dropouts

Unlocking Opportunities: 10 Lucrative Jobs for High School Dropouts

It’s a fact that approximately 1.2 million students drop out of high school in the United States each year. In the European Union, early school leavers aged 18-24 accounted for 9.9% in 2020. Dropping out of high school can come with a certain stigma, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities for a successful career. In fact, there are numerous well-paying jobs that don’t require a high school diploma.

What a high school dropout may earn?

The financial implications of educational attainment are profound. High school dropouts, those who did not complete their secondary education, typically earn significantly less than those with varying degrees of education. To put it into perspective:

  • High School Dropouts: Individuals who did not complete high school generally have median weekly earnings of around $606.
  • High School Graduates (No College): Those with a high school diploma but no college education tend to earn more, with median weekly earnings of about $749.
  • Workers with Some College or an Associate Degree: Individuals who pursued some college education or completed an associate degree typically earn even more, with median weekly earnings averaging around $874.
  • Bachelor’s Degree Holders (No Additional Degree): Workers who have a bachelor’s degree but no additional degrees tend to have the highest median weekly earnings, amounting to approximately $1,281.

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Strategies for managing high workloads

These figures highlight the significant disparity in earnings based on educational achievements. Generally, higher education levels correlate with increased income, making it clear that completing one’s education can have a substantial impact on earning potential.

Here, we present the top 10 Jobs for high school dropouts:

  1. Entrepreneur
    • Average Annual Salary: Variable

    Becoming a successful entrepreneur depends on your skills and work ethic, not your educational qualifications. If you have a business idea and the drive to turn it into reality, you can create employment for yourself and others. Many high school dropouts, like Richard Branson, have become successful entrepreneurs. Enhancing your business management skills through courses and studying successful entrepreneurs’ practices can further your success.

  2. Construction Manager
    • Average Annual Salary: $79,520

    Construction managers are responsible for planning, coordinating, and managing project budgets. They supervise projects from start to finish, working closely with architects and contractors. To enter this field without a diploma, consider starting as a construction worker and working your way up. Taking leadership and management courses can enhance your chances of securing a managerial position.

  3. Mechanic
    • Average Annual Salary: $44,050

    Automotive service technicians and mechanics repair cars and light trucks. While the work involves technology, you can learn the required skills on the job or through classes. Gaining experience allows you to work on larger vehicles and tackle more complex issues, leading to a higher salary. This profession is in high demand globally, providing ample opportunities for well-paying positions.

  4. Food Service Manager
    • Average Annual Salary: $56,590

    Restaurant managers in the food service industry earn decent salaries. While a high school diploma isn’t required, previous experience in food service and a deep understanding of daily operations are valuable. This role may involve long hours, late nights, and weekend work. Effective leadership and clear communication skills, along with commitment to maintaining performance, are crucial for success.

  5. Sales Representative
    • Average Annual Salary: $45,570

    Wholesalers and manufacturers hiring sales representatives prioritize individuals who can meet sales targets over educational qualifications. This role offers a good income, with the potential for commission-based earnings. Strong communication skills and the ability to interact with people are essential for success. Advancement can lead to supervisory or managerial roles, overseeing a team of sales representatives.

  6. Administrative Assistant
    • Average Annual Salary: $40,990

    Job opportunities for secretaries and administrative assistants often don’t necessitate a high school diploma. However, you’ll face competition from candidates with formal education. Your interview performance and relevant work experience can give you an advantage. This role also provides opportunities for career growth, potentially leading to senior administrative positions.

  7. Floral Designer
    • Average Annual Salary: $29,140

    If you have an eye for detail and a passion for flowers, consider a career as a floral designer. These professionals create decorative displays, bouquets, and floral arrangements for customers, events, and venues. On-the-job training is common in this field, allowing you to learn from experienced florists and gain expertise.

  8. Home Health Aide
    • Average Annual Salary: $27,080

    Home health aides assist individuals with disabilities, chronic illnesses, or cognitive impairments with personal care, including dressing, bathing, and hygiene. This demanding role requires integrity, physical stamina, and strong interpersonal skills. It’s ideal for those who want to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

  9. Electrician
    • Average Annual Salary: $56,900

    Electricians can earn an estimated lifetime income of $1.4 million, making this a lucrative career. The demand for electricians is high, and they are responsible for installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical systems in various settings. Key qualities for success in this field include business skills, physical strength, troubleshooting abilities, critical thinking, color vision, and customer service skills.

  10. Graphic Designer
      • Average Annual Salary: $47,330

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While many companies set educational requirements for full-time staff, freelance graphic designers face fewer constraints. Talented designers can find employment through online freelancing platforms. Completing courses and building a portfolio can vouch for your skills, leading to more job opportunities. This applies to various digital professionals, including programmers, copywriters, and SEO specialists, who can freelance their skills.


    • Average Annual Salary: $47,040

Machinists or tool and die makers set up and operate various machine tools to produce precision metal parts, instruments, and tools. Critical skills for this profession include physical stamina, manual dexterity, analytical and mechanical abilities, technical skills, and mathematical aptitude.

Pool Technician

    • Average Annual Salary: $38,400

Pool technicians maintain swimming pools, spas, and water facilities by testing water quality, treating it with chemicals, and repairing cracks and leaks. While a high school diploma may be required in some cases, on-the-job training and job shadowing can provide valuable experience. Pursuing relevant certifications, such as the Certified Pool & Spa Service Technician offered by the Pool and Hot Tub Alliance, can enhance your prospects.


    • Average Annual Salary: $31,240

Cosmetology is an excellent choice for those interested in beauty. Cosmetologists style hair, provide manicures and pedicures, create makeup looks, and perform skin treatments. While some states require high school completion, vocational programs offer alternatives for aspiring cosmetologists.

Professional Driver

    • Average Annual Salary: $45,260

Professional drivers transport passengers in limousines, vans, and luxury cars. The primary requirements include a valid driver’s license and a clean record, though prerequisites may vary by state. This career offers flexibility, allowing you to become self-employed, such as working as an Uber or Lyft driver, or eventually starting your own private transportation business.

Security Guard

    • Average Annual Salary: $34,270

Security guards undergo training, and in some cases, they must obtain a security guard license. You may need to be over 18 for positions like building surveillance and over 21 for casino security in certain states. This career includes on-the-job training and can be a viable option for high school dropouts.

What a high school dropout may earn?

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In Conclusion

Dropping out of high school doesn’t mark the end of your opportunities. You can pursue fulfilling careers in various fields and earn a decent living. The key is perseverance. If you’re a high school dropout, share your career path and experiences with us in the comments below.

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